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Abdominoplasty is one of the most practiced procedures today, and is indicated in men and women whose abdomen is disproportionate to the rest of the body due to weakening of the abdominal muscles, being more common in women who were pregnant.

Abdominoplasty is a surgery that attempts to correct the excess skin and fat located in the abdominal region. This consists of resection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue are below the navel, then its perform the suture of the abdominal muscles, eliminating the diastasis (separation) of the same and finally the navel is repositioned in its original position, ending in a smile-shaped scar above pubic area. This procedure can be combined with liposuction for better body contour.

It is important to know that the extent of scar is directly proportional to the excess sagging skin.


This surgery uses a liposuction device to remove fat deposits from the body that normally do not respond to exercise or diet, for aesthetic purposes. It is important to know that liposuction is not a treatment for obesity.

It can be performed on men and women of any age, to help shape the body to reduce those unwanted fats and create balance and harmony with the rest of the body.

Liposculpture (Brazilian Butt Lift)

In this surgery the fat is suctioned out through a syringe from one area of the body and then implant it in another location, thereby improving the body contour. With this technique we can fill wrinkles, furrows, depressions and even use it to increase some areas of interest. Importantly, this procedure does not trigger any adverse reaction.

Perhaps you’ve heard any reference in movies or on television about the so-called Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure is known as buttock augmentation in medical terms, using fat from other parts of the body and injecting it into the buttocks to obtain great results…


This surgery is performed to correct deformities of the buttocks, which can be caused by the lack of volume or the presence of asymmetries. This surgery uses a cohesive silicone gel implant can be smooth or quartz and is placed in the gluteus maximus muscle to correct hypotrophy. If the patient has any lipodystrophy (fat accumulation) or a depression in this region, the doctor may inject the fat taken from another area of highest concentration in the subcutaneous tissue or muscle if necessary.

Post-bariatric Surgery

postbariatricaThe fast weight loss as a result of bariatric surgery diet regimens, triggers the excess of sagging skin and affects the lives of patients in functional and aesthetic appearance, preventing these to live a normal life. Because of that plastic surgeons have created or modified surgical techniques to suit each case and should treat patients individually. These patients must have completed one year of operations with a weight loss greater than 75% pre-set, maintaining a stable weight for three months, well nourished and clinically stable.